Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Goldilocks and the three bears.

Once upon a time there lived a young family of bears. There were three of them.There names were Papa bear Mama bear and Baby bear. It was Baby bears birthday. Every year it was Baby bears birthday mama bear would make him porridge for breakfast.Today Baby got got a electric helicopter for a present. Mama bear dished up breakfast for them. They all ate some and thought it was too hot. So they let baby bear go outside with them to have a play with his new toy.

While the bear family were out playing a young girl named Goldilocks was looking for her friends house.Her party invatation said make yourself at home we will be a while,so thats what she did. Goldilocks made her way into the three bears house which she thought was her friends house.She found some porride on the table and thought it was party food.So she started eating the first one.

EWWW she yelled she looked at the porridge and realized it had cream in it.So she started eating the second bowl.EWWW she yelled again that porridge was just not she tried the last one.Mmmmmmmm she said this last bowl of porridge was just she ate it all up. All of this porridge tasting made her feel a bit sick,so she decided she should go and find a seat to sit on.

She finally found the lounge,wich had three chairs all sitting together from tallest to shortest.She sat on the tallest one first.Oww to hard she said.So she tried the second one,Hmmmm its alright but to last but not least she tried the smallest one.Ahhhh just right,she heard a crack then another then another so she hopped out of the chair and said 'opps i broke it' but she didnt really care. All this walking from one chair to another then accidently braking one made her tired.

She found the bedroom.Again there was three beds all next to each other from tallest to smallest.She tried the first one.Errr to hard she yelled.So she tried the second one.Just not right she thought.So she tried the smallest one.Ahhh just right. She decided to have a sleep.

Meanwhile the three bears were coming back from there play.They all noticed the front door was left open.But they just blamed it on Papa bear because he was the last one out. The three bears went to the table to eat the rest of there porridge.'Whos been eating my porridge' yelled Papa bear.'Whos been eating my porridge' yelled Mama bear. 'Someones been eating my porridge and they ate it all up' cried Baby bear.

They went into the louge.Papa bear sat down then yelled.'Whos been sitting in my chair'.Mama bear sat down then yelled.'Someones been sitting in my chair'.Baby bear just burst into tears then said.'Someones been sitting in my chair and they were so fat that they broke it'.

Mama bear said 'Lets go check our bedroom in case the person thtas been sitting in our chairs and eating our porridge is there. They made there way into the bedroom.As soon as Papa bear saw his bed he yelled.'Someones been sleeping in my bed'.Mama bear looked at her bed and also yelled.'Someones been sleeping in my bed and we have to find out who it is'.Then baby bear whispered.'someones been sleeping in my bed and they are still in it'. oh oh said Mama bear,shes waking up.We were all staring at her as she was waking up.

The covers were slowly coming off.AAAAAAHHHHHH goldilocks screamed.She ran off as soon as she saw the bears,and she has never returned.

The end By Izzy Rm 12

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  1. Good work Izzy, I'm glad to see you put your story into paragraphs. It reads so much better.